Running the HANA Memory Utilization Overview outside of HANA Studio

Today i had issues with my browser in HANA Studio which lead to the issue that i was not able to open the memory utilization overview in HANA Studio. But after some debugging of the app, i found that it is possible to start it in Google Chrome as well.


First open the memory utilization url in a Chrome Tab which is at:

HTTP: http://:80/sap/hana/admin/st/index.html
HTTPS: https://:43/sap/hana/admin/st/index.html

Then open the Javascript Developer Console in Chrome which is via Menu -> Tools -> Java Script Console or via CTRL+SHIFT+J:
Javascript Developer Console

There enter first the Data for the connection:

var data = '{"host":"<Hostname>","service":"indexserver","port":"3<Instancenumber>03"}';

So for example:

var data = '{"host":"","service":"indexserver","port":"33703"}';

Then you need a user with the permission “sap.hana.admin.roles::Monitoring” which is here MONITORUSER with the password PASSWD. You now can open the various apps using one or all of the following commands:"MONITORUSER", "PASSWD", "MemAllocStats", data);"MONITORUSER", "PASSWD", "ResUtilization", data);"MONITORUSER", "PASSWD", "MemOverview", data);

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